Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Who made your clothes?

Did you ever think about, who made your clothes? Well, most of us will not, when they're buying the lastest fashion trends for only a few Euro. But shouldn't we question our self, who really pays the price for the cheap clothes? 

In one week it will be one year since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, where more than 1000 people died. 

That's why right now there a lot of events around the world.

I wanted to share some of them with you:

This is a real good interactive report by the Guardian:

Fashion Revolution Day is featuring a lot of events in several cities around the world:

And please check out this short movie by Mary Night, produced by White Lodge, , think of them who made your clothes:

I think its about time to question the consumption habits of the western world, not only in fashion. And anyone should start by them self, shouldn't we?

Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

New items in my shop :)

Hello Readers,

my little Shop is growing! I just added these two things:

Dawanda Spring Sale

My Shop will participate in the Dawanda Spring Sale, which means you get 12 % discount from tomorow, 27th March 2014 at 10 o clock until 6th April 2014 (12 pm, MET)

You can find my shop by clicking the banner or the Shop Tab in the menu above.

Discount Dawanda

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Fashion Fantastica Shop!

I'm happy to present you my very own little Shop with handmade clothes, accessoires and home decoration :)
You can find it via the Shop Button above or here:

Fashion Fantastica Shop

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

December & January

Dear Readers, I wish you a Happy New year...better late, then never ;)

I have two new dresses to show you. One was made a few days before Christmas and the second one is my January project. So I name them December & January.

Decemer is made from a very fine Corduroy in a dark plum color. I wanted to make a warm and cosy winter dress that still looks fesitive and cute. I choose the "Tweed Dress" pattern from This pattern is very simple, so the fabric can shine on its own. My dress has an detachable lace collar and a matching belt. I was so busy eating, drinking and chatting with my family, that I only made a few pics. 

January is made from a wonderful vintage wool fabric, it has a great drape, is very soft and lite and fun to sew with. Well, except of the plaid pattern, this was a pain to cut. I marked the lines of the squares on my pattern pieces and tried to match them as good as possible. It worked here and there, but not all around. I like though and here it is, it is Simplicity 3673. A very nice pattern, will be made again for sure. In plain fabric.

What's next?
Pants, I neeeed pants. So I will survive my fear of making them and hope to see you soon with a shiny new pair of navy blue corduroy pants.

With love


Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Fall for Cotton wrap up

Fall for cotton is done, all the beautifull projects have been assembled to a wonderfull video, which can be seen at

So the presentation of my fall for cotton project is past due. To see how I started, please take a look here.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and will be making it again for sure. I like alle the amazing details, like the shirring in the back. This makes it very comfortable. It also has pockets, which is very useful. I made bound buttonholes again on this dress and I'm getting better and better. I nearly like them more than normal buttonholes, I think they're just so pretty.

The dress was made of a nice cotton flower print and my buttons are vintage from my stash.

So, here we go, my finished shirtwaist dress from Gertie's new book for better sewing.

Zoey likes the dress, too. 

What's next?

I'm finally in the preparations for the starlet suit jacket, the second craftsy course by Gertie. Also I cut a muslin for a beautiful 40s style pants, which will be made from corduroy.

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

fall for cotton: shirtwaist dress in progress

 Dear Readers,

As I mentioned before there's a sew along going on, hosted by Tasha of and Rochelle of I really like these two blogs and bloggers, so I had to take part. 

As I wasn't really busy sewing during the real hot summer months, I saw this a s a chance to get back to my usual sewing addiction.

First I thought about making a blouse from a vintage pattern, but I don't have one. I order most of my patterns from overseas and they wouldn't have made it to me untill September 1st, I switched my plans to the shirtwaist dress from Gertie's new book for better sewing.

Well, what happend so far?

made a muslin and adjusted the shoulders

 fabric cutting & facing preparations

made the shirring in the back

searched for buttons in my stash - it's not easy to find eight matching buttons there ;)

luckily I found exact eight of these light grey buttons

made a sample bound buttonhole to remind me how this works, without these pleats in the corners

spend some hours making these buttonholes

got some help ;)

and some more help...

and ended up with a dress looking something :)

You can follow the sew along here or even take part, you have 18 days to make someting nice :)

P.S.: As you may have noticed, I switched my blog completely to English. It is easier for me, to focus on one language. Also the most of the blogs I follow are located in some English speaking areas. That doesn't mean, that I have become a perfect English Writer, but I think writing this blog helps me to get better :)

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

vote for Colette Patterns!

Dear readers,

one of my favorite pattern companies needs your help! Colette Patterns is a nominee at this years Martha Steward American Made Awards. They doing well so far, but the competition is not closed yet. So please vote for them here:

You can also join their street team and help spread the word:

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Fall For Cotton - a sew along

I'm excited for a new sew along, which will start on September 1st:

I will choose my fabric and pattern now!

Is anyone of you participating?

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Zig-Zag and Denim

Hello Readers,

the last week I almost spend with friends in the sun, that's why I wasn't busy sewing. I made some hand embroidery and some mending stuff, but that was all craft stuff I did.

Letzte Woche habe ich hauptsächlich mit Freunden in der Sonne verbracht, weshalb ich nähtechnisch kaum etwas gemacht habe. Ich habe ein bisschen gestickt und ein paar Reparaturen gemacht, aber das wars auch schon mit meiner handwerklichen Betätigung.

While it is still summer out there, I felt I needed a new sewing project. I had the idea of a pinafore style skirt for a while and I decided to jump into this project! I wanted an a-line skirt with pockets and crossed in the back straps. I also wanted to add a front pocket and my red zig zag trim I had in my stash for a little while.

Obwohl es draußen immer noch sommerlich war ist, brauchte ich ein neues Nähprojekt. Mir spukte schon lange ein Latzrock im Kopf herum, also beschloss ich, diese Idee nun mal umzusetzen. Ich wollte einen Rock in A-Linie mit Taschen und gekreuzten Trägern. Außerdem wollte ich eine Fronttasche und meine roten Zick-Zack-Borte unterbringen, die ich seit einiger Zeit rumzuliegen hatte.

I drafted an a-line skirt first. I have a basic skirt pattern from my pattern making course last year, so that's always my basic model. I then added the side pockets.

Zuerst zeichnete ich einen Rock in A-Linie. Ich benutze dazu immer meinen Grundschnitt aus meinem Schnittmusterkurs vom letzten Jahr. Dann zeichnete ich darauf basierend die Seitentaschen.

After that I made a simple square with a side length of 30 cm. Then I tappered the upper edge a bit, because I wanted it to be narrower there. 
I draw far to long straps, I had to take out about 10 cm on the muslin. 

Danach zeichnete ich ein einfaches Quadrat mit 30 cm Seitenlänger. Ich zeichnete diese nach oben hin etwas schmaler, da ich den Latz eher Trapezförmig haben wollte. Die Träger habe ich erstmal viel zu lang gemacht, ich konnte ca. 10 cm im Probemodell wieder raus nehmen.

The upper flap is sewn between the inner and outer waist band, like the straps in the back.

Der Latz ist zwischen dem inneren und äußeren Taillenband mitgefasst, ebenso die Träger.

The skirt has a snap closure and a red button at the waist band.

Der Rock wird mit Druckknöpfen und einem roten Knopf am Bund geschlossen.

The fabric is a thin denim like fabric with a little stretch. It has a nice sheen to it, but also likes to wrinkle very easy.

Der Stoff ist ein dünner Jeansstoff mit etwas Stretch. Er hat einen schönen Schimmer, aber knittert auch sehr leicht.

I wore the skirt the same day, that I finished it. In this picture I'm wearing it with a sheer polka dot blouse and light blue wedges. The outfit had a little tiki touch with the hair florwers and the bamboo handle bag.

Den Rock habe ich dann auch gleich am selben Abend getragen. Hier trage ich ihn mit einer durchsichtigen Polka Dot Bluse und hellblauen Wedges. Das Outfit hatte einen kleinen Tiki Touch, durch die Blumen im Haar und die Tasche mit dem Bambushenkeln.

How much time do you spend at your sewing space while it is hot out there?

Wieviel Zeit verbringt ihr in eurer Nähecke während des Sommers?