Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

December & January

Dear Readers, I wish you a Happy New year...better late, then never ;)

I have two new dresses to show you. One was made a few days before Christmas and the second one is my January project. So I name them December & January.

Decemer is made from a very fine Corduroy in a dark plum color. I wanted to make a warm and cosy winter dress that still looks fesitive and cute. I choose the "Tweed Dress" pattern from burdastyle.com. This pattern is very simple, so the fabric can shine on its own. My dress has an detachable lace collar and a matching belt. I was so busy eating, drinking and chatting with my family, that I only made a few pics. 

January is made from a wonderful vintage wool fabric, it has a great drape, is very soft and lite and fun to sew with. Well, except of the plaid pattern, this was a pain to cut. I marked the lines of the squares on my pattern pieces and tried to match them as good as possible. It worked here and there, but not all around. I like though and here it is, it is Simplicity 3673. A very nice pattern, will be made again for sure. In plain fabric.

What's next?
Pants, I neeeed pants. So I will survive my fear of making them and hope to see you soon with a shiny new pair of navy blue corduroy pants.

With love



Debs - debslosingit.com hat gesagt…

I've sewn the jumper pattern before and loved it. Your version is really nice!

mel hat gesagt…

Thank you very much :)