Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Who made your clothes?

Did you ever think about, who made your clothes? Well, most of us will not, when they're buying the lastest fashion trends for only a few Euro. But shouldn't we question our self, who really pays the price for the cheap clothes? 

In one week it will be one year since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, where more than 1000 people died. 

That's why right now there a lot of events around the world.

I wanted to share some of them with you:

This is a real good interactive report by the Guardian:

Fashion Revolution Day is featuring a lot of events in several cities around the world:

And please check out this short movie by Mary Night, produced by White Lodge, , think of them who made your clothes:

I think its about time to question the consumption habits of the western world, not only in fashion. And anyone should start by them self, shouldn't we?


Deb hat gesagt…

There's a documentary I believe called China Blue which is about a jeans sweat shop in China. Its really eye opening.

mel hat gesagt…

Hi Deb :)

Oh, thanks for this info, I will search for it.
I can also recommend the book "The shockingly high costs of cheap fashion".